WeSafer is a solution that brings safety and security closer to you.

Check your surroundings
Create private groups.
Be accompanied. Always.

Agility when asking for Emergency help

Something happened? Your Circles will be notified and you can send messages to the operator who is monitoring you at the WeSafer Central.

Be accompanied by Watch Me

If you feel unsafe, activate it. Share your location with your Circles and with a WeSafer operator, automatically notifying them.

Create Circles and increase protection

Add whoever you want to this private group. See information about members, such as location and number. Track Emergencies and Watch Me.

The security of your employees in your company and in their homes with WeSafer Corporate.

Faça parte da comunidade e nos ajude a testar o WeSafer Alpha

Cuide das pessoas e contribua para o crescimento do aplicativo começando a testá-lo, é só preencher ao lado. Já estamos realizando esse processo com várias instituições e empresas também.