The security of your employees in your company and in their homes with WeSafer Corporate.

How WeSafer Corporate works

All your employees with access to 24/7 emergency support and monitoring of their routes in the city.

The company does an initial test

Gather a small group of people to install WeSafer and learn about the features.

Family also enters the platform

Your employees invite the family to Family Circles and everyone is protected.

Expand to the rest of the company

We help you to spread the news and engage the team with personalized communication.

Everyone benefits!

WeSafer generates a chain reaction, spreading its advantages from one person to another. Check it out:

For the company:

To preserve the integrity of employees, all connected on a platform in which one cares for the other.

For the employee:

There is security support dedicated to you, with just one click, whether you are at home or at work.

For your families and friends:

Those who are important to the employee will also be able to enjoy what WeSafer Corporate offers through Family Circles.

Does your company still not have WeSafer Corporate?

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