Updated Novembre 30, 2022.

As an integral part of the Terms of Use and Browsing Conditions of WeSafer – Personal Security, this document, called Privacy Policy, aims to establish the rules on obtaining, access, use, storage, transfer, enrichment of the data collected from the USER, in addition to registering its activities, in accordance with the laws in force in Brazil.

When the USER accepts this Privacy Policy, it grants its free and express consent to the terms stipulated herein.

  1. Obtaining the data:
    1. The data will be obtained when entered or submitted voluntarily by the USER in the WESAFER APPLICATION, for example, but not limited to, creating an Access Account, sending content, interacting with alerts and browsing WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY.
    2. AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA is not responsible for the veracity or lack of it in the information and images provided by the USER or for their outdatedness, when it is the USER’s responsibility to provide them accurately or update them.
  2. Data:
    1. The data collected from the USER may be used for the following purposes:
      1. Identify and authenticate them properly;
      2. Respond appropriately to your requests and queries;
      3. Keep your records up to date for purposes of contact by phone, email, SMS or other means of communication;
      4. Improve the use and interactive experience while browsing WeSafer – PERSONAL SAFETY;
      5. Carry out statistics, studies, research and surveys relevant to the activities of their behavior when using WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY, performing such operations anonymously;
      6. Protect AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA from rights and obligations related to the use of WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY;
      7. Collaborate and/or comply with a court order or request by an administrative authority.

Personal information that the USER voluntarily submits when using WeSafer – Personal Security. This may include information he provides upon registration, creating a user account or editing, or during other use of WeSafer – Personal Security.

It will be indicated for what purpose it is necessary to provide certain personal information for certain features of WeSafer – Personal Security. If the USER chooses not to provide this personal information, it may not be possible to provide a specific service.

  1. The personal information collected is:
    1. USER’s cell phone;
    2. USER’s full name;
    3. USER photo;
    4. USER location data;
    5. USER CPF (for specific features).

The database formed through the collection of data on WeSafer – SEGURANÇA PESSOAL is the property and responsibility of AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA and will not be sold and/or rented to third parties, and its use, access and sharing, when necessary, will be done within of the limits and purposes of AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA’s activities, and in this sense, they may become available for access and/or consultation by other entities of its economic group, business partners and suppliers.

The WeSafer application is not intended to report incidents to the police. It reports incidents of public knowledge to the WeSafer community, so that its users who are nearby can make decisions related to their commutes.

The USER is already aware that AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA may promote the enrichment of its database, adding information from other legitimate sources, which expresses express consent by agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy.
Internally, data will only be accessed by professionals duly authorized by AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA, respecting the principles of proportionality, necessity and relevance for the objectives of WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY, in addition to the commitment to confidentiality and preservation of privacy under the terms of this Policy.

AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA has commercial partners that can offer services through functionalities or websites accessed from WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY. The data provided by the USER to these partners will be their responsibility, thus being subject to their own practices of obtaining and using data, without any burden on AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA for the treatment of such information.

Activity record:

  1. AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA will record the activities carried out by the USER on WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY creating logs that will contain:
  2. USER IP address;
  3. Actions performed by the USER on WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY;
  4. Pages and screens accessed by the USER on WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY;
  5. Dates and times of each USER action on WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY, in addition to the access you make to the pages and screens, and the tools and features you use;
  6. Information about the device used by the USER, operating system version and internet browser;
  7. Session ID, when available.

Other technologies may be used to obtain USER navigation data. However, they will always respect the terms of this Policy and the USER’s choices regarding its collection and storage.

Data Storage:

  1. The data available and available for a period stored in a secure environment under the terms of Marco Civil, subject to the status of the parent company. Cases, considering that no security system is inviolable TECHNOLOGY disclaims any responsibility for any damages and/or alterations resulting from failures, viruses or invasions of the WeSafer – SEG database. or guilt.
  2. The data obtained from WeSafer – PESSOAL can be stored on AVANTIA’s own server or on a third party server for this purpose, they are allocated in Brazil or abroad, and can also be contracted through cloud computing technology and/or third parties that arise in the future, always aiming at the improvement and improvement of AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA’s activities.
  3. The USER has the right to request AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA the display, rectification or ratification of the personal data they concern, through the contact tools provided by WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY.
  4. Using the same tools, the USER may request the deletion of all their data, the contact from USER AVANT TECNOLOGIA was informed, due to the termination of the contract between AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA, with the cancellation of the Access Account. The data generated by the USER in a form and permanence in the AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA database.
  5. AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA may, for the purposes of audits and preservation of rights due to the consequences of the Consumer Protection Code, keeping the USER’s data history for a maximum period of 5 (five) years, counted from the cancellation of the Account of Access, which may be extended for a longer period than the law for the preservation of rights, thus having an AV TECHNOLOGY or ability to exclude them according to its ANTIA in a shorter period.
    1. The data preserved in the condition indicated above will have its use limited to cases 2.1.2, 2.1.6 and 2.1.7 of clause 2.1 of this Policy.

General Provisions

  1. The policy may be modified or modified at a time by WeSafer – SEGUR equivalent force, such as privacy purpose or that has force in accordance with its legal provision for the law and legal compliance with the provision of law, with any responsibility to the other. the USER standard whenever you find secure access to the PERSONAL WeSafer.
    1. In the event of updates to this document or Terms of Use, AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA notified or USU through tools available on WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY and/or in the means of contact provided by the USER.
  2. The USER must contact in case of any doubt regarding the provisions of this Privacy Policy by filling out the form available on WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY or by sending a text message to the address
  3. If outsourced information security processing companies are carried out by STAFF, they must comply with AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA’s conditions standards.
  4. If any provision of this Privacy Policy is considered illegal or illegitimate by the authority of the location where the USER resides or of its internet connection, as other conditions will remain in full force and effect.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

  1. The Policy Policy is linked to the Terms of Use and Navigation Conditions and will be interpreted according to Brazilian legislation, with Any Subject being chosen for the Portuguese Language, in the State of Pernambuco, for dispute or controversy over this document, except for the specific exception of personal, territorial or functional competence under the applicable legislation.


  • For the purposes of this, the following documents and documents should be considered for your better understanding:
    • AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA – AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA E ENGENHARIA S/A., a legal entity governed by private law, registered with the CNPJ under No. 2.543.302/0001-31, headquartered in Recife/PE, at av. Marechal Mascarenhas de Morais, no. 4204, Imbiribeira neighborhood, CEP 51200-000.
    • Application: WeSafer – SEGURANÇA PESSOAL, made available by AVANTIA TECNOLOGIA and which can be downloaded from the “App Store and “Google Play” virtual stores.
    • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is a service virtualization technology built from the interconnection of more than one server through a common information network (eg the Internet), with the objective of reducing costs and increasing the of sustained services.
    • Access Account: A USER credential that allows access to the reserved area and exclusive features WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY, defined by your cell phone number and validated by means of a security code sent by SMS.
    • Content: Messages and files submitted by USERS on WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY.
    • IP: Abbreviation for Internet Protocol. It is an alphanumeric set that identifies USER devices on the Internet.
    • Logs: Records of USER activities performed on WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY.
    • USER(S): Person(s) who access or interact with the features offered by WeSafer – PERSONAL SECURITY.